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Nauti' Soap

Picture courtesy of Penny Picklemann Photography

In June of 2016 we were vendors at the Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival.  In the spirit of the event, we renamed our soap to make them a bit more colorful and fun and fit the theme.  Our slogan was also modified to "We Sell Nauti' Soap" to fit the Pirate invasion weekend.  Here is a list of the new names and links to their regular names.  If you would like to order one of our soaps packaged with the Renaissance name, just add a comment to your order at checkout.

One Knight Stand 

Work it into a lather.  Let the exotic oils penetrate deep into your body.  Soon you will be standing erect like any brave knight.  Jasmine, frankincense and sandalwood blend together to really make a unique scent.

Hair of the Dog 

Late night at the tavern?  This soap will help get you going the next morning.  The beer adds extra lather and natural anti-bacterial qualities.  The hops blends nicely with the patchouli oil

About Last Night 

Bring back the fantasy from the night before as you wash away what you woke up with this morning.  The beer and honeysuckle will give you a few more minutes of happiness

Dirty Wench 

Who knew that getting a bit dirty could   feel so good!  Let the clay in this soap pull the impurities out while you enjoy the aroma of honeysuckle

Soothing Head

Feeling a bit run down?  A little Soothing Head in a hot shower will help clear you up.  The eucalyptus essential oil will help clear up the foggiest of heads

Enchanted Forest

Take a bit of the magic of the Enchanted Forest home with you.  The hypnotic colors and amazing scents will take you back. A blend of lemongrass, lavender and cedar wood essential oils is magical

Under Kilt Care 

Not feeling so fresh down there?  Use this soap and you can stand tall as the wind ruffles your pleats!  The oatmeal is gentle on even the most sensitive of skin.  And the honey provides a natural anti-bacterial

Magic Carpet Wash 

Have a musty old smell in your carpet? Rejuvenate and refresh with a hint of Jasmine.

Sweaty Privates 

As any good military leader will tell you   the last thing you want on your privates before a battle is perfume!  The enemy will smell them approaching.  This soap has no added scents or colors.

De-Poxing wash 

Do you find yourself with a case of the pox?  Fear not.  This soap has no additives to irritate those oozing boils and the oatmeal will help sooth that irritating itch!

Fresh Bloomers 

Tired of the nobility turning their nose up at you?  It is time for some Fresh Bloomers!  The smell of fresh blooming lavender will make even the snootiest Lord notice you.

Cleavage Cleanser 

If you got it, flaunt it with confidence!  The oatmeal will beautify that bosom.  And though you cannot breathe in that corset, each meager breath will smell of lavender.

Roll in the Hay 

Ah,  nothing is so refreshing as a good roll in the hay on a late summer’s day!  The sweet smell of lemon grass and the lovely color of the ginger will help you recall those special moments

Nauti’ Boys

It won’t help with scurvy,  but every sailor should smell nice before coming ashore.  A blend of sweet orange and cedar wood will bring to mind all sorts of high seas adventures

Free Love 

This will take your right back to the ‘60s ( 1460s that is ).  Back when men were men and sheep were, well you know.  Your skin will love what that oatmeal will do!

Summer Breeze 

Tired of smelling a Scottish bog every time the wind blows up your unmentionables?  Use Summer Breeze and smell the refreshing scent of peppermint instead.

Morning Wood 

Having trouble waking up? Well grab your Morning Wood and rub it against your body! You will be awake in no time!  This soap is made with coffee to give you a little caffeinated boost, and the sandalwood oil smells great.

Urchin Scrub 

Directions:  Grab child.  Scrub.  Rinse.   Repeat.  Definitely repeat!  The orange peel will help remove the dirt while the sweet orange oil will leave it smelling sweet

SPEARmint Of Mars

You will be singing out “Oh sweet mysteries of life at last I found you” as you get into the shower and wrap your hands around my huge SPEARmint soap!  Scented with spearmint essential oil and colored with dried spearmint, they just don’t come bigger than this.  It’s true!  It’s true!

Bar of Atonement 

You are a very dirty person!  It is time to come clean and atone for what you have done.  Do not wait for the Spanish Inquisition, use our Penance Bar,  The coffee grounds will scour away your filth, while the extra strong coffee will keep you awake while you meditate on why you are so dirty.

Tree Way

You know you want to try it.  You are pretty sure your friends have.  You can see it in their eyes as they give you that smug smile.  Now it is your turn to try a Tree Way.  Once you discover the joys of tea tree oil you will want a Tree Way again and again!

Mirror Mirror

We don't live in a fairy tale.  If you want to be the fairest in the land, then you need to use this soap!  The clay will work its magic, drawing out all the nastiness.  Your skin will shine like the sun off a fresh snow.  Scented with the delightful smell of apples.  This soap is Evil Queen approved!

Shaver Me Timbers

It may be ok to look like a scurvy dog on the high seas, but not when you come into port!  Our shaving soap is good enough be ye a lass or a lad.  The rich lather will swab the skin and soften the hair.  While the eucalyptus oil and raw aloe era will be kind to your "timbers".

The Woody

Who doesn't appreciate a little wood now and then?  With this soap you will get all the wood you can handle!  It gets its deep brown color from ground cinnamon bark.  Scented with Sandalwood and cinnamon bark.

Bush Purifier

Sometimes you are just so dirty you know it goes deeper than your skin.  It is time to purify.  Made with white sage bush leaves and scented with sage essential oil.  This soap will cleanse your body and spirit!  So grab my bush and rub it all over your body!

Black Knight

None shall pass up this amazing soap.   The activated charcoal will not stop fighting the dirt in your pores.  The healing properties of frankincense will help with those scratches and flesh wounds. Don’t be a pansy, once you go Black Knight you’ll never go back.  It’s invincible!

Nip in the Air

Stay abreast of the latest in soap trends.  The menthol in this soap will have you feeling the nips in the air.  The tingly coolness will have your big brown eyes attention.  It will feel like you’re standing in luscious mounds of snow.  Don’t be a boob and say ta-ta to dirt!

Flowering Maids

It is everyone’s favorite time of year.  When the flowering maids come to town proudly showing off their baskets.  Loaded with lilacs from their very own bushes.  You need to snatch up a bar before the maids are de-flowered!